Monday, December 27, 2010

I Am Love and my brief encounter with Tilda Swinton

During the Summer I was working in my old neighborhood in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and needed to get out of the 95 degree weather. I stumbled upon a film, I Am Love at the local cinema and saw that Tilda Swinton who has been one of my favorite actresses for years was starring so I did something I rarely do, went to a matinee. I thought the film would be the standard 90 minutes but it wasn't so I couldn't see the ending because I had an appointment. It was an intriguing film and I never got to see the ending until I got the opportunity to see it on DVD several months later. I was blown away. This is a must see.
Recently while in Miami for all the Art Basel Miami Beach festivities I went to the Pringle of Scotland party at the Webster on Miami Beach and Tilda Swinton was the guest of honor. The event, 195 Collaborations was presented by the Serpentine Gallery, an exhibition space where she once did a collaborative performance with Cornelia Parker where she slept in a sealed glass cabinet. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her briefly because I arrived early. I told her that I thought that I Am Love was the best movie I've seen this year and her performance was stellar and she replied to me, "You are so kind Renee". To hear this from one of the greatest living actresses made my entire trip. She was gracious enough to let me take this photograph of her with a custom designed Pringle of Scotland sweater designed by Ryan McGinley. Photograph: Renee Riccardo

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