Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tino Sehgal: To Each His Own

Last night, I talked for hours at dinner with someone about my memories of all the amazing galleries, artists, performers, musicians and posers of the East Village Art Scene in the 80's. I worked at a gallery, Mo David, owned by artist extraordinaire, Mike Osterhaut on E. 9th St. The gallery had very early shows of Tony Oursler, Robin Winters, David Ireland and Karen Finley. Karen used to leave extremely long messages on the phone machine which were like her performances. I mentioned that I wished that I had recorded the messages because they were so funny and bizarre. I see that The New York Times has Tino Sehgal in a bit of a tizzy because it published i-Phone photos of his basically empty Guggenheim show (except for the lovers on the ground floor who are enacting Seghal's, "The Kiss") when the artist and museum clearly have a sign that no photos are allowed. I thought to my myself that it was bold of The New York Times to break the artist's rule and preserve images for us all to remember. Can't wait to visit the bare Guggenheim, walk the rotunda, engage with the "interpreters" and make my own visual memories.

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